Veteran’s Holiday Surprise Double Truck Make Over

We teamed up with the Sarasota Ford and 707 Performance Crew to surprise local Veteran Todd Hughes and SRQ Vets with TRUCK MAKEOVERS!

double truck

About Todd Hughes and SRQ Vets!

Todd Hughes is Manager of Veterans Services, Goodwill Manasota Program, where their goal is to “Help veterans reintegrate into their families, communities, and jobs.” He is also Senior Vice Commander of DAV chapter 97 and coordinator for Lutz Buddy Up Manasota Which connects veterans with other veterans for support. Previously Todd was deployed to Iraq where he was injured by an IED but still completed his tour. Once he returned home, he attended University of South Florida where he was the first administrator of the Veterans Program and raised funds to build a dedicated Veterans Center!
SRQ Vets is a non-profit organization led by Local Veterans Volunteering to Serve Fellow Veterans and citizens! They go above and beyond to offer Veteran needs such as VA, PTSD, and TBI assistance. They help with job placement, home & auto repair, basic needs, and volunteer for many events and occasions!
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How it started

Todd Hughes and SRQ Vets were both nominated by members of our community to recognize everything they do for our local Veterans!  Todd and his family use their truck to take care of their animals and SRQ Vets uses their truck for helping veterans move furniture! So we want them BOTH to ride around in style!
Our 707 Performance team secretly worked with Jessica, Todd’s wife and Ian from SRQ Vets to create the perfect plan for an AWESOME build out on both of their trucks!!
Our 1C1T elves took Todd’s and SRQ Vets Trucks and sent them over to Nate at Sarasota Sign Shop, Inc. and our very own 707 Performance team to get to work!
Meanwhile, our 1 Community 1 Team Elves started preparing for the BIG Carnival for their friends and family so EVERYONE could see their upgraded trucks! But… they’ve all been kept in the dark- Todd and members from SRQ Vets have NO IDEA that this event is ALL for them!
Aaand what better way to surprise and celebrate EVERYONE than with a holiday carnival!!

Community Support

1 Community 1 Team would like to thank the following contributors for making this project possible:

Scotty B Productions Pamz Pizza Conez

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