Booker Middle B5 Program!

When we heard about their B5 Rewards Program we KNEW we had to take it to the next level for the kids and really get them excited!!

Booker Middle

About B5

The B5 program was created to encourage students to do the right thing and reward positive behavior when following the rules of the 5 B’s… Be Punctual, Be Prepared, Be Engaged, Be Respectful, and Be Appropriate! When students exhibit these behaviors, they are rewarded with “B5 Bucks” that they can use towards “Purchasing” a prize at the B5 Store! 


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How it Started

When 1C1T heard about the amazing B5 Program Booker Middle started, we wanted to take it to the NEXT LEVEL for the students! We partnered with RADD and the Dream Large Program to paint a HUGE mural in the Booker Middle lunchroom to remind and inspire the students to be great!

While RADD and Dream Large were getting busy painting, our production team and volunteers worked with the VPA Student production team and the “Tornado Top Elite Dance Team” to put together an all out surprise show to unveil their BRAND NEW B5 Store!!


Community Support

1 Community 1 Team would like to thank the following contributors for making this project possible:

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